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Carnet De Passage

A Carnet de Passage en Duane, or (CPD), is the international customs document which covers TEMPORARY admission of motor vehicles.  

The purpose of the carnet is to simplify customs formalities for motoring tourists and travelers.  It facilitates the temporary importation by providing security for the payment of any customs duties and import taxes chargeable should the vehicles not be re-exported.

Where the carnet is required, there are distinct advantages for the customs administrations:  the carnet eliminates the need for cash deposit and reimbursement formalities as well as national temporary importation documents.

A Carnet Is Required For Travel In:

  • Africa – South Africa (compulsory), Zambia (recommended), Tanzania (recommended), Kenya (compulsory), Uganda (compulsory), Egypt (compulsory) 

  • Australia & New Zealand

  • Far East

  • Middle East

  • Recommended in South America

If you wish to ship or fly a South African registered vehicle out of SA on a temporary basis, the carnet will facilitate both the export and re-importation of customs formalities, both on the South African side and country of entry

How To Apply For a Carnet de Passage? 

Before an application for a carnet is processed, we will require the following:

  • A completed application form - attached Application Form

  • Copy of applicants I.D. or Passport

  • Copy of vehicle registration papers

  • Carnet fee as per attached

  • Cash deposit / guarantee – Indemnity form attached –

  • Application form together with copy of I.D. copy of vehicle registration papers and proof of payment to be faxed to +27 11 799-1041

  • Indemnity form - attached Indemnity Form

In order to determine number of pages required, you will need to calculate how many countries you will be traveling into – you will use one  (1) page per country you enter.  Each page on the carnet has both an entry and exit counterfoil, to be used by the same customs officials on both entry and exit of the same country.

Carnet documents consist of 5 page, 10 page or 25 page booklet – fees as follows:

As security, AASA would require a cash deposit or bank guarantee,   calculated as follows:

  • Value of vehicle

  • Country of visit

  • Validity period on document required i.e. 3 months, 6 month or 12 months (maximum)

In the case of a cash deposit, payment may be made in the form of an EFT, credit card, cash or cheque.  In the case of a bank indemnity, the applicant must apply to a SA commercial Bank, who will endorse the 'Indemnity Form' provided by AASA.

If any queries or to confirm deposit required, please contact Odette Pombo on +27 11 799-1042, email opombo@aasa.co.za or Masego Morapedi on +27 11 799-1009, email mmorapedi@aasa.co.za

Securities held are released once the document has been returned to AASA  - properly acquitted (the last page where the carnet was used has both an entry and exit stamp from the same country).

How Long Does It Take To Obtain a Carnet de Passage?

Two week's notice is required for processing Carnets, once AA Head Office is in possession of all the necessary forms. If document is required sooner, you will be required to pay the cost of a courier service (unless the Carnet is collected by you from AA Head Office at Kyalami).

Avoiding a Customs Claim

The applicant must, on returning to South Africa, immediately return the discharged Carnet to the nearest AA Auto Shop, Travel Experience Store or directly to AA Head Office.   Carnet may also be couriered to us or sent by registered mail to AA Kyalami.


All entry stamps on the Carnet must be accompanied by an exit stamp proving that the vehicle has left the country concerned - the Carnet is then considered to be discharged.


If a Carnet is lost, misplaced or not discharged, a 'Certificate of Location' (obtainable from AA Head Office) must be completed in South Africa and signed by two policemen or customs officials, and then returned to AA Head Office. On receipt of the discharged document or 'Certificate of Location', AA Head Office will release the securities held.



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