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 What is drifting?

A. Walking in desert
B. A Driving a car sideways
C. Whats that???





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How To Use Our Site (and how much it will cost you)

Below is a sample ads space. The red tabs represent where you need to fill the info, or what info you need to send to us
All you need to do is book it  and you can put what you want in there, the way you want it to get to the viewers, which basically means, you customize it your way.
You can also order to get a map put up (by us or yourself, whichever way). And you also get to put your best selection as a picture gallery and this is charged as a page on its own, though our price doesn't say so!!!

Field  Advertisement heading

Name : Company X X (your company name, include all info, we don't do shorthand)
Description : what your company does, or your pick up line and we put it as meta tag for you for easy searching
Address : where you can be found, you can use all your adds here, including the PO Box
Phone : 039 000 000 (your phone number, you can include cell, pager, fax etc for free)
Email : your email address here. cannot be substituted for other info
Web Address : if you have a web address, put it through to us and we will put it as an active link from our website

Picture Gallery :(on this site) Here you can put your selection of your products so visitors can check them out beforehand. When you order for this, your name is linked to Google and all other search engines as a tag and when a search is done about what you have, your page comes out in the top 30 search.

You can also order the whole page thus eliminating all other competition and doing this will also get you a slot on the homepage for a very nominal fee (half the normal price, if you want it there) That link will either point to your page on this site or your web address, whichever way you want it.

Please inquire within to hear more, or send a text with the words "ADS" to 076 020 4141. Normal billing rates apply. Or, to make it even easier for you, just let us know what you really want to know about and we will come back to you within 30 minutes (that's if we had gone to lunch, otherwise within 5 minutes you will be having your answer back.)

Why join the labyrinth when you can customise your own ad space and thumb the competition?? Talk to us and we will show you how. Call 076 020 4141 now!!!!

Advertising Prices (may change anytime, please confirm prior to ordering)

Discounted Advertising This winter  !! Save 20 %  of  the normal cost .


Size : 120 x 600 pixels
Display: Company Name ,Logo Slogan , Text & Graphic
Advertisements is NOT sold on fresh basis
 Call to discuss options. mobile 076 020 4141

Front page horizontal blocks
Size :120 x 60 pixels
Display Company Name, Logo , Slogan

Keyword Text Link Button
Size :120 x 120 pixels ( 5 buttons)
Display Company Name, Slogan and 180 words (no logo)

Front page animated strip banner
Size : 468 x 60 pixels
Display: Company, Name , Logo, Slogan & Text
Advertisements are sold on a refresh basis


Placed horizontally on top of  a web Page, extending from end to end.

This ad is customised to suit the client

 You can also order the whole header area.

Book now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Email for prices advertising@allianceit.co.za


For customised ad placements, call the webmaster on 031 4030303

mobile 076 020 4141

   and we will   "tailor make "it for you.


 We will create an advertisiing campaign to suit your budget. We have a portfolio of  high performing websites( we are aiming for 30 ) that complement the economy. One advert may be placed on many sites. Call to discuss !

To order space, use this form here or contact us on the very same page.



 Play a game of Ping Pong Here.

Play a fast game of TicTac and keep your scores!!!


level 0 -- the samotoring is totally dumb.
level 1 -- samotoring is smarter
level 2 -- You MAY win (only when you start).
level 3 -- samotoring NEVER lose.


Advertising on the site costs only 100 rands per 14 days. You get 5 pictures and 50 words are free. For links to sites, its R100 per link per month. For banners, see the ADVERTISING page.
To order ads space, just email Anil with the details and payment  and we will call you to confirm.