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 Permanent Import of Foreign Vehicle Into South Africa 

If you intend importing a foreign registered vehicle into South Africa, you need to qualify for an 'Import Permit' as well as a 'Letter of Authority'.

To obtain the “Import Permit”, contact ITAC on tel no. (+27 12) 394 3610 / 394 3617 or 0861843384 or email Mrs. Van Vuuren on rvanvuuren@itac.org.za

Application forms may be obtained from the following link:  www.itac.org.za

go to Legislation & Document then to Import Control.

To qualify for the “Import Permit”, you need to prove to ITAC that you are either a returning resident, having owned and used the vehicle for 6 months or more prior to it’s importation into SA or that you are an immigrant in the country – your permanent  residency has come through.


The “Letter of Authority” is obtained from SABS contact tel no.

+27 12 428 6314 / 6534.  Application forms are obtainable from the

following link: www.sabs.co.za go to SABS Products & Services, then to

Regulatory Affairs, then to Regulated Products & Services, then to

Vehicle and then to LOA.

In order to qualify for a rebate of customs duty, a returning resident needs to prove to SARS that they have owned and used the vehicle for 12 months or more prior to it’s importation into South Africa (only one car per family may qualify for rebate of duties 2nd and 3rd vehicles pay full duties) and that they gave up their residency in South Africa.


Once you are in possession of these two documents, you need to contact a clearing agent  SARS are able to refer you to one.  Clearing agents will draw up a draft 'Bill of Entry', and arrange for the payment of duties and taxes, if any, to SARS

Once duties have been paid, SARS will issue a document called “Customs Release Notification” form. This form is then taken to the vehicle licensing department and vehicle is then registered in SA. (Please note, left-hand driven vehicles manufactured after 1 January 2000 may not be imported into South Africa – they do not qualify for the “LOA”.



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