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Premium Car Insurance in SA

Types of Vehicle Insurance

Motor vehicle insurance is a necessity, even if you pay cash for a motor vehicle.  There are two main forms:

  • Balance of Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance - provides cover for damage to your vehicle in the event of loss by theft, or fire but no cover is provided for repairs to your own vehicle in the event of an accident. The other party's vehicle  is covered in the event of an accident.This is not a popular option as it is difficult to pursue justice and involves a civil claim with you paying for attorney's cost initially.

  •  Comprehensive Insurance- provides you with complete protection even if it is your fault. However it is more expensive than the first option.

It Is advisable to take comprehensive cover.

Options available include vehicle only insurance, or you may use an option on your householders comprehensive policy to effect vehicle insurance. Stand alone vehicle insurance usually has a higher premium. A householders comprehensive policy combined with vehicle insurance is normally cheaper.

Advertised tempting low premiums usually have drawbacks. Often the excess associated with a claim is large. High monthly premium with low excess in the event of a claim, or lower monthly premium with a large excess in the event of a claim.


The market value of your vehicle declines annually as a result of depreciation. The insurance company will continue to insure your vehicle for the original purchase price as reflected on anniversary date letters mailed to you. In the event of a claim, the insurer will only pay out the average of the  market trade values and market retail values, even if your car is insured for the original purchase price. Negotiate an adjustment on your vehicle's  insurance premiumon on  the anniversary of the policy.Engage in a comparative exercise and compare all aspects of the policy and not just the price.

Top- Up- Insurance

This option is normally considered when a vehicle is purchased through finance. A modest premium per month will give you peace of mind knowing that in the event of the vehicle being written off in an accident or stolen, the finance account will be completely settled.

When a vehicle is purchased through a Finance House, the motor insurance policy is ceded to the Finance House.  As a result of a claim the insurance company will pay the finance house first, but only after deducting any excess, to settle the outstanding finance agreement.

The  insurance company determines what it would pay in respect of your claim by using the following formula:

Retail Value of Vehicle + Trade Value of Vehicle/2=Pay Out.  Remember two years is usually the break even point, after which such insurance is no longer necessary

As you probably are able to determine you will owe the finance house more than the insurance company is likely to pay out in the event of a write-off or theft.

Credit Life Assurance

Credit Life Assurance is usually taken out to protect the Finance House in the event of the borrower dying, or becoming disabled. The Finance House is paid the outstanding loan or the remaining installments are paid in the event of a disability suffered by the borrower. Disability Cover and the associated terms and conditions need to be considered carefully. There are numerous interpretations. Clarity must be sought when buying this type of cover.

There are various options available. Do not be pressurized into signing. Consider all products available and request complete policy details in writing. Paying premiums in monthly installments means that you are not going to pay finance charges on the value of required assurance.

Read the complete policy document. Look carefully at such requirements before committing to a particular product.

You should look at the following:

  • the benefits of the policy.

  • any conditional clauses or waiting periods governing when benefits come into effect.

  • any exclusions - the circumstances under which benefits will NOT be paid.

Mechanical Warranty Assurance

Mechanical Warranty Insurance Policy is usually taken out when a pre-owned vehicle is purchased.  

These policies are beneficial when the manufacturers warranty has expired. Most finance houses and dealers offer a variety of products that differ widely in terms of the cover offered and the premiums which you will need to pay. Major repairs to your vehicle such as engine or gearbox are covered by such a policy.


Again read  the complete policy document  Look carefully at such requirements before committing to a particular product. Premiums are payable in advance for the entire period of cover.

You should look at the following:

  • the benefits of the policy.

  • any conditional clauses or waiting periods governing when benefits come into effect.

  • any exclusions - the circumstances under which benefits will NOT be paid.

The cover provided is subject to restrictions such as :

servicing of the vehicle to manufacturer requirements

the age of the vehicle - The older the vehicle, the shorter the period of cover available

kilometres travelled during the period of cover.


You can save thousands every year by finding the best insurance company for your specific needs. Here is our recommendation of top insurance companies:

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